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The British dance music duo known as Disclosure is making some of the most refreshing music that I've heard in recent years. Influenced by the old school house, 2-step, and garage that existed long before their time -- as Disclosure is made up of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence who are at the ripe age of 21 and 18 respectively -- their music is breathtaking in its young yet timeless energy. Hailing from Croydon, the birthplace of much of U.K.'s bass music, Disclosure makes music entrenched with their own hometown vibes while successfully touching on the pulse of dance music's long lineage.

Since Disclosure's music started to get noticed about two and half years ago, they have been steadily working on their stage show to bring their music to life playing their own live instruments, and will touch down in Detroit on Friday, April 12 at Saint Andrews Hall.

While singles such as "Tenderly/Flow" and "Latch" have gained the brotherly duo much commercial success, it's their remix of U.K.'s vocalist Jessie Ware's "Running" along with their latest single "White Noise" that has continued to propel them into artists to watch in the next year as they prepare for their debut full-length album.

In a time when the success of electronic dance music has created mixed feelings about where certain genres will go next, Disclosure has learned from the innovators and are making music that is not just a flavor of the month. There is an over-saturation of electronic music right now with not too many standing out, but the Lawrence brothers, with youth on their side, are truly blowing past a majority of producers these days and are making some exciting and soulful dance music.

Movement Electronic Music Festival presents Disclosure at Saint Andrew's Hall (431 E Congress St.) in Detroit on Friday, April 12. Doors open at 10 p.m. and its an 18+ show. Detroit's own Erno The Inferno will open the night. For more information:


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