MOTH Poetic Circus

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Saturday, February 9th, 2013 

Last night Prime Studios ventured to the Dark Side of the Moon during MOTH Poetic Circus: Cirque Side of the Moon.  We saw Casselman's set up in the round at this epic sold out show.  It was a night the blended the mystery of Mardis Gras masks with the performances of Cirque De Soleil with electronic dance music and Pink Floyd.  With a slightly older crowd the vibe was very relaxed and laid back.  However everyone still got into the spirit of the show by wearing crazy masks.  

Walt White of the Global DJ Academy started out the night, and he was awesome.  The venue was completely filled; there were so many people that once the performances began those in front sat down.  The performers showed great flexibility, strength, and emotions over the next hour or so.  With amazing aerial feats and stunning choreography they drew you into the story.  The performed over the sounds of We Wish We Were Floyd, an amazing Pink Floyd cover band.  They were celebrating the 40th anniversary of the album Dark Side of the Moon.  As the performers and band took their bows they received a well earned standing ovation.

 Closing out the night was Lance Herbstrong, an electronic rock band from Texas.  They had had your typical rock band instruments along with a DJ.  The blend of the two styles was very unique and offered a cool sound that we hadn't heard that often.  Previously playing at such shows as Austin City Limits and Electric Forest it was fantastic to see them at such an intimate venue.

MOTH Poetic Circus is something we won't soon forget and look forward to their next venture in Colorado.

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