Bunny at Subterranean Nightclub

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Prime Studios at Subterranean Nightclub for Bunny of Rabbit in the Moon

Sunday February 17, 2013

Last night Prime Studios ventured down to Colorado Springs to check out Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Subterranean Nightclub and watch Bunny perform.  Subterranean's entrance is slightly off the road, giving you an underground vibe as soon as you walk up to the door man.  After going down a set of exterior stairs we were inside the club itself.  Right as you walk inside there is a bar to your left and a VIP area to your right.  The VIP area had curtained off sections giving a exclusive feel with one open side allowing you to still feel a part of the crowd.  

As we walked more into the club we noticed that we were on a metal catwalk that overlooked the stage.  From here you had a great view of the DJ and dance floor.  We walked down the stairs to the dance floor which was very spacious and allowed the crowd to get close to the DJ.  At the back and on the left side of the dance floor there were booths and tables for when dancers needed to take a break.  The exposed stone and piping gave the whole area an underground/warehouse type of feel that was awesome.

After jamming out to the tracks of DJ Rodd Sim for a little while we headed back to the main level  It was then we noticed the pool table and body art booth, both with people around them.  After stopping by the bar for a drink we mingled and socialized a bit, all the while enjoying tunes from Tony Knight and Kenetix.  The energy stayed up all night and all of the opening DJs had people out dancing.

A little after 11 the legendary Bunny of Rabbit in the Moon took to the decks.  His set started off with hard hitting electro and never stopped going.  With epic voice overs and tons of interaction with the crowd Bunny showed all those in attendance exactly while he is seen as an EDM innovator.  People packed onto the dance floor and jammed out the entire 2 hour set.  Bunny wasn't one to just stay behind the decks, he actually went out into the crowd on several occasions!  The energy never stopped making it easy to dance the night away.

Subterranean's clientele seems to truly embody the EDM culture.  Everyone person that we met was there for the music and the people.  There was a group that came down from Kansas simply to see Bunny.  They, along with everyone else that we got to meet, shared their love of the music and the culture with us.  No one was afraid to be themselves and everyone was excepted.  It's been a while since we had seen people simply dancing to music, just letting go and feeling it, but we did here.

We look forward to going back and enjoying the atmosphere and music much more in the future    

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