Global Fridays Featuring DJ BL3nd at the Church Night Club 4/4/2013

Written by Joe Turf. Posted in DJ/Event/Reviews

Epic. If I had to choose one word for the night, Epic is the word. Voted among the top 10 EDM events in Colorado for the month of April, Global Fridays this week was banging. Some great local DJ\Producers took the stage and owned it, such as JReam, 2Slikk, and SoulShocker. This night we had a couple party shockers as Global Dance set the night up with a couple special treat; The Triad Dragons. This was there third ever live performance, and I must say it was amazing to see these three DJ’s tear up the decks as the crowd tore down the walls. The explosive sound created by this trio made up of Ha, John Lee, and Kevin Alves had the party goers shaking the dance floor so hard it hit a ten on the rictor scale. Be sure to check out the website of this dynamic trio  And as if that was not enough, hit DJ YouTube sensation, DJ Bl3nd took the decks with fury. The energy of this young DJ is immense.  DJ Bl3nd with his hard hitting beats, energetic stage presents and chucky mask is a show stopper for sure. As quoted, “People say EDM, but I go by ERM: Electronic Rage Music. I just like making hard-core, upbeat, energetic raging music that will make people go crazy.” Of course DJ Bl3nd did not let Denver down. Be sure to catch up with Bl3ndizzy and all his events, posts and blogs at

 Joe Turf ;)

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