EDM in Denver, Co

Written by Tasha Marie. Posted in DJ/Event/Reviews

Denver pic by 303

If you’re looking for heart-pounding, breath-taking, skin-tingling beats to indulge in after a long week of stress and monotony, you’re looking in the right area code. In 2012, Denver proved its worth by bringing in some of the biggest names in music, such as, but not limited to, Gramatik, Porter Robinson, Nero, and Excision. These shows blew the minds of many Colorado residents, all making it into the Denver Westword Magazine’s “The Ten Best EDM Shows of 2012” for good reason, and that was just last year. But that’s not all that Denver’s music scene has to offer. From big names, to up and coming artists, to Denver’s proud assortment of local DJs, everyone is able to get their fill of a multitude of electronic music styles and sounds.

A couple good places to get a taste of the music that Denver has to offer are its nightclubs, such as Beta and Vinyl, known for being able to bring the party to Denver each weekend with their individual mixes of special guests and talented artists. Each club has its own unique layout and qualities, making any night at a club one to enjoy. Beta is known for its sound system, which is one of, if not, the best sound systems in the state of Colorado, that has enough bass to make your chest tingle at all points in the night.  Its layout is simple yet fun, consisting of the main stage in the heart of the venue, a smaller stage tucked away upstairs at the rear of the building, with a lounge area on the upper level looking out over the main stage and the crowd. There are bars conveniently located around the structure, two on the lower level on both the left and right sides, and two upstairs, in the lounge area and beside the smaller stage. There is also a dual-level patio outside that is great for socializing, cooling down, or taking a cigarette break. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for Beta’s striking shot girls, who strut around the patio and the ground floor offering shots of different types of alcohol as a convenient way to keep the night moving. Vinyl is much different, offering four floors of different types of music to benefit from, with bars situated on each level, and the main stage on the ground floor. The top floor is really something special, there is no roof, providing a spectacular view of the city of Denver, and also allowing guests to enjoy fresh air and the option to order a hookah and relax on one of the many couches well-located around low tables. The patio offers a little bit more of a low key atmosphere, while you are still able to enjoy the music from the stage to the right side of the roof. These two clubs are just a sample of the many that Denver has to offer, each varying in atmosphere, music style, and design. If you so choose to spend a Friday or a Saturday at a Denver club, you can expect three things: great music, a wide range of cold drinks, and good time- all at a fair price. Be warned; you may just love it so much that you have to come back next weekend, too.

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