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    Planet Shroom started around 10 years ago, the nucleus was two local Bristol DJ’s Morph and Sean Shift. It developed out of the ignominious collapse of Planet Easton/loose cannons, (a victim of the deliberate removal of Easton Community Centre as an underground venue) and an amalgamation with Shroom. So what does any self-respecting DJ/promoter do in such times of adversity, you move venues and carry on. The first two bona fide planet shroom gigs were held in 2003 and allowed acts such as Astrix and Talamasca  to  perform


In 2004 the night moved to its current home a former church hall the trinity center. This is a venue with a huge and cavernous main dance floor and a wonderful spirally-ish staircase up to the second room. In short a superb multi-purpose venue perfect for our purpose of ensuring everyone has an opportunity to as they say to ‘ave it large! So we did, headliners such as eat static, Braincell and Sonic Species, made it an almost certain pre-requisite. The event continued to grow itself and by 2010/11 further electronic psychedelia in the form of S-Range and Laughing Buddha carried on the afore mentioned largeness. 


           As both Tom and Sean stress we aspire to the highest standards of production, working with some of the most respected names in production in the UK psychedelic scene”.  So by 2013 A tenth birthday celebration in the temple of Boom courtesy of Planet Shroom was too good to miss. The music and atmosphere, (the dual thread that makes all things psy so endearingly appealing) is symbiotically enhanced by stunning lasers, lights and décor (courtesy of inorbit and cognitive dissidents) and so we are set, all aboard choo! choo! Lift off.


    On arrival you just know that everyone involved has worked there proverbial nether regions off to make this happen, the spaceship has landed and is ready for boarding. The icing on this particular psychedelic cake comes from the promoter himself who is testing the lasers, the lights and projections – the two very large glitter balls hanging from the ceiling are a portent of the spectacle to come. So that’s the visuals sorted….right then on to the most important thing, (aside from the people) and that’s the music.


     As it says on the flyer above “bangin’ psychedelic trance in the main room” started off with residents Lurk and Morph (also of liquid records) who fill the hall with quality tunage at about the same rate as people arrive, for me a highlight was a harder reworking of etnicas, “triptonite”. The back to back three hour soundscape of deep and hard progressive psy-beats created a perfect springboard for chapter two.


Dick Trevor the headliner for tonight pumped three hours of the some of the blisteringly, unrelenting hard as you like 150-160BPM in yer face up for it floor filling beatery I’ve heard in a while. For the unaware he was the driving force behind green nuns of the revolution, whose classic “thunder thighs” was one of those tunes that made me sit up and take notice from the vista of my indie/goth platform. We were treated to a 180 minute live and DJ set, hard and driving as you like absolutely no cheese, no anthems, full on and non-stop and lots of smiley happy people dancing, enough said!


      For the last 90 minutes Sean Shift AKA iIlumashroom, carried things on all the way through until the lights came on, personally I was done in by this time, I guess  I’m just getting too old for double headers. It is true to say that the dance floor was pleased the gods of trance happy and placated. After the summer we will be back for more. Finally, I would be in remiss if I did not mention (watch this space for a full feature) the wonderful people involved in quantum bleep – who (if you go up the previously mentioned spiral staircase) provide a full electro orientated soundscsape of squelchy organic pumpery which perfectly complements the percussive bangidge emanating from the main room.



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