Quantum Bleepery

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Up until 1993 if you had said to me, that I was going to be bigging up electronic music, (aside from Kraftwerk, Depeche mode and Front 242), I would have laughed at you. I used to say “it all sounds the same,” or “its just a geezer with a box” and “its not proper music” et cetera, et cetera. Then during a night shift in spring 1993 I heard these two absolute classics on the radio, Underworlds Cowgirl  and the equally timeless Acperience1 by Hardfloor. A week later I’d gone to my first bona fide “rave” called universe, very rapidly realised what I’d been missing, caught up and had a damned good nineties.

I immediately knew I liked the harder more “trancey” beats, including absolute gems including X-Cabs, neuro  and  neurodancer by wippenberg.  In August 1999 I travelled to Hungary to the largest outdoor party I had hitherto been to, it was called Solipse. It introduced me properly to what is called psytrance and the bedrock of its culture, a bloody good party and an excuse to travel. This festival had the added bonus of a solar eclipse, I can add two more eclipse festivals, (Turkey and Africa) to this experience. So what do you do, In 2012 I went back to the 1999 party now called Ozoraand aside from sitting in the same spot where I saw the eclipse 13 years previously, I met the guys from “QuantumBleep”. 

Quantum Bleep is based in the city of Bristol, in their own words it’s the “premier electronic music, events performance and promotion collective. At present it is made up of 20 members, all supremely dedicated to what they do, all with something to offer in pursuit of putting on live music events and all you have to do is turn up and enjoy. The music policy is eclectic and open, covering breaks, electro, techno and of course psycedelia. The founding members have years of experience of promoting events and should you ask them very nicely at, they may bring their 10K rig with generator, lights, lasers and unique décor. Like I said they have years of experience and know what they are doing.

So if you happen to live in or visit Bristol (UK), the next Quantum Bleep on the 7th June 2013 continues its monthly residency at The Cavern Club. It’s the perfect place to enjoy premium electronic music, in a fantastic venue, with friendly up for it party people, all of which expresses what the collective is about i.e music, partying and absolutely no attitude. You can see why their reputation of delivering quality electronic music is so richly deserved.

As with most scenes nothing happens in isolation, so with its companion night, “PlanetShroom”, Quantum Bleep has delivered some of the best underground electronic acts such as OOOD, Olmec, Monkey logic and Robosapiens to dancefloors and clubnights in Bristol. You can sample the sound of quantum bleep in the studio here with more to follow later this year. 

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