Gettin' Down at Snowdown SIA 2013

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February 3rd, 2013

Last night Vals House and Siri headed down to City Hall Amphitheater in Denver to cover Snowdown SIA 2013.  SIA is SnowSports Industy America and they hold their annual Snow Show at the Denver Convention Center.  Snowdown was the final after event party for this year and it was epic.  We arrived a little after 9 and the line to get inside was already over half a block long with people anxious to get in.  While waiting they were jamming out to music from the massive Red Bull truck parked right by the front doors.  There was an eclectic mix people ranging for hip-hop enthusiasts to dubstep lovers to snowboarders, however all of them were there to have a great time.

After grabbing our all access wristbands we caught up with Anya Grind, one of the event producers, and got an awesome interview.  We continued on upstairs to check out the vibe in the all access 3rd floor.  With free alcohol from sponsors Tuaca, Pacifico Clara, and Silver Coin Tequila people were already having a good time.  Some people went over to the SOAPOINT booth to express themselves through art, others checked out the free photo booth, and still others enjoyed a few games of pool.  Throughout the night more and more people ventured up to check everything out and enjoy the DJs.

One level down was the regular VIP access.  This offered amazing views of the amphitheater, although at points the sound didn't carry as well as expected.  In the VIP bottle service area not only did people have alcohol, they also had AWESOME goodie bags from NEFF.  A cool backpack with items from several sponsors including T-shirts, beanies, iPhone cases, lanyards, and baseball caps greeted people as they made their way to the tables.

On the same level as VIP was the Got Bass stage.  This room offered a completely different feeling from the main room.  People danced to trap and dubstep throughout the night.  The DJs, including Vinnie Maniscalco, Mint, and Ganstaz on Acid, thew down some awesome tracks that kept the crowd going all night.  An added bonus was the sexy ladies of GoGo Galaxy rocking the stage!  On our way downstairs we ran into Party Guru and thanked them for helping make Snowdown packed and awesome.

Down on the main level it was super packed on the dance floor.  People kept pushing closer for a better view of artists Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), Just Blaze, and Baauer.  They also wanted a better chance to snag some of the awesome give away prizes.  There was all sorts of free things over the course of the night, including snowboards!  People got a little crazy rocking out to the music, even starting up mosh pits during MGK's set.  Set times were a slightly off, but all the headliners still played awesome sets.  With Tantalize dancing both on stage and in the middle of the crowd, it made everyone go crazy!  It was an awesome feeling to see the many different styles of music blended together in one show!  The overall feel of the show was completely different than your usual EDM show, but it was impressive to see how so many people were still brought together because of the music.  We can't wait to see what's in store for next year's Snowdown SIA, but we know it'll be great.

 Check out the recap of Snowdown on our podcast here.


Bright Night at GLO 8

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January 20, 2013

Last night Prime Studios headed down to the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver for a night filled with glowsticks, friends, and amazing music at GLO 8.  It was easy to get through security and all of the people working were very helpful.  We headed to the guest list table to get our wristbands and headed inside.  People had already picked up most of the glowsticks that had been on the ground and were dancing with them.  It was a good sized crowd and everyone that we talked too was very excited to be there.    

The show had wonderful production value, from the giant inflatables, to the many lasers, to the LED panels behind the stage.  It was a new experience going to a single stage venue, but also kind of nice.  There were no worries about which stage to go to when or missing somebody you wanted to see because of conflicting timeslots.  The lasers set up on either side of the stage shot across the room and intercepted at points, providing an awesome visual experience.  The lights also played off the chandeliers and inflatables.  The 10,000 glowsticks lit up the dance floor and venue throughout the night.

The openers got the crowd warmed up and moving until the first headliner came on at 9.  All three headliners had amazing sets.  The Triad Dragon’s first Denver performance was filled with several different genres.  In addition to remixes of current hit songs, they played some of their own original work.  At 10:00, trance legend Darude took the stage.  With a set that included his hit “Sandstorm” mixed with other tracks as well as several genres, he showed his greatness.  He played an awesome mix of classics and current songs so everyone there had something to enjoy.  Closing out the night was Bad Boy Bill.  He pumped the energy even higher with his mix of unexpected tracks and scratching.  Sadly the show ended at 1 AM, so he couldn’t play nearly long enough for everyone to be happy.  Throughout the night Tantalize Dance had sexy cowboy and Indian GoGos on stage awing the crowd with their moves.

Near the end of the night we were able to get an exclusive interview with Darude about what’s up next for him in 2013.  Then after the show we caught up with Bad Boy Bill and the Triad Dragons to talk about their upcoming projects as well.  Be sure to check out our podcast recap of GLO 8 with our crowd interviews as well as Darude’s podcast!


tyDi at Beta

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Prime Studios with tyDi at Beta

January 19th, 2013

Last night Prime Studios headed out to Denver's Beta nightclub to check out Australian DJ/producer tyDi, one of DJ Mag's top 100 DJs.  There was a decent line at the VIP entrance when we came to the club around 10:30.  It moved fast though and we were inside within a few minutes.  On the main floor Trajickk was getting the crowd amped up and ready for tyDi.  People were rocking out and there was even a break dancing circle near the front of the dance floor.  As it got closer to midnight the break dancing circle slowly evolved to just dancers enjoying themselves.

Right at midnight tyDi took to the decks.  It was immediately apparent that he was going to put on an awesome show!  From the very first track he was jumping around, clapping, and interacting with the crowd.  The only time he really paused was to cue up the next song of his set.  Upbeat trance and progressive songs played through the night, making people stay energized and bouncing around.  Overall a fun night that left you feeling ready to tackle whatever the next day had in store.


A New Eden at Satori

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January 12th, 2012

Last night VIP headed down to Denver's newest EDM club, Satori, for a great cause.  Located off Lincoln and 9th in the SOCO district it's a little off the beaten path, but awesome none the less.  They put on the show Eden, that benefited the Denver Rescue Missions.  There was a minimum $5 cover and attendees were encouraged to bring non-perishable food items.  The was no line so we got right in.  The interior of the club was decorated with bright white paint, epic LED panels behind the elevated DJ booth, TVs playing graphics in the walls, and fantastic lights.  There was a raised area off to the right hand side that had couches and tables where people could sit and enjoy the music and lights.  Most of the TVs were in the wall of the raised area, allowing everyone on the main dance floor a great view of their ever changing graphics.  The dance floor was large and very open, with a few places to sit and rest along the side.  The bar was well stocked and reasonably priced.  

They have a good sound system, loud enough to dance to but still quite enough to hold a conversation with your friends.  The LED panels behind the DJ booth offered an awesome visual experience of many colors and images throughout the night.  The other lasers and lights only added to this.  We heard DJ Tozo and some of the Got Bass crew spin over the course of the night.  There was a wide variety of music that everyone could enjoy.

Overall Satori is a really awesome place that everyone should go check out.  The current crowd may be small, but the production value it offers more than makes up for it.  Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page for all upcoming events.


Digitally Imported Live from Vinyl

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January 6th, 2013

Last night we headed down to club Vinyl in Denver to check a live broadcast of Digitally Imported.  With big names and many genres it was bound to be a good night.  We got to the club a little after 10, just in time to see Sang Dinh finish up his techno house set.  After him the great Trevor Nygaard tagged with with Steve Moller for an hour and a half of awesome tech house that gradually progressed to techno near the end.  Following them was DJ Digga who threw down some awesome breaks.  Then DJ Solarbaby closed out the night with an high energy multi-genre set.

Although the crowd was a little light those that were present enjoyed the wide range of music.  We didn't explore the other three floors of music last night because of great line up on the main floor.  Digitally Imported picked a great night to broadcast live and give their listeners a taste of several different genres all in one night.