Reid Speed at Beta

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Prime Studios with Reid Speed at Beta

January 5th, 2013

Last night, Friday January 4th 2013, Prime Studios headed to Beta nightclub to check out Dirt Monkey, The Bolivian Marching Affair (T.B.M.A.), and Reid Speed.  We got there around and breezed right through the VIP entrance.  Inside there were a few people already dancing the sounds of Dirty Monkey's dubstep.  After staying downstairs for a little while we headed to the BPL to see what was happening upstairs.  There were about the same number of people up there grooving to some more relaxed house music.  

We hung out and and chatted for a bit then headed downstairs when T.B.M.A. came on.  They brought a new, slightly more electro feel to their dubstep.  They spun a good mix of dubstep, drumstep, and even a few remixes.  During their set we saw the new laser that Beta has added to their awesome production value.  Placed centered above the DJ booth it shines different colors and various designs, including BETA, on many different surfaces.  It adds yet another dimension to the overall experience of great music.   

At 12:30 Reid Speed took to the decks and began to spin her awesome multi-genre bass filled set.  She seemed really into both the high energy crowd and the music.  From the very beginning the now packed dance floor and cat walk we up and jumping around to the awesome bass.  The high energy remain for the rest of the night, when she closed out another hard hitting Bassic Friday.


Ringing in 2013 Decadently

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January 3rd, 2013

On December 31st, 2012 Prime Studios ended the year in style at the Denver Convention Center for Decadence.  With a line up that included Wolfgang Gartner, Krewella, ATB, Mimosa, Flosstradamus, and Rudee we knew we were in for a treat.  As soon as we arrived at the Convention Center we were able to get right inside and out of the cold.  There was a side stage set up so while people were waiting for coat check and security they could start dancing.  We dropped our coats at coat check then breezed through security in a matter of minutes.

We headed upstairs where the stages were set up a little before 8, just in time to catch the end of Jontron on the Global Dance stage.  As we walked in there was a red carpet where you could stop and take picture with Discoman and Discogirl.  The red carpet set off the high class feel for the night.  As we walked farther into the Global Dance stage we saw the giant multi-colored chandelier hanger from the ceiling adding to the high class feel of the night.  All around people were dressed in their New Year's best.  We were surrounded by guys in suits and ladies in classy dresses.

At 8:15 Wolfgang Gartner got on stage and the crowd's energy started to grow.  Throughout his entire set he got the crowed up and jumping to his hits.  About half way through we popped over to the other side to check out Paul Basic on the Global Dub stage.  There was just was many people at the Global Dub stage rocking out to some whomps.  That side was decorated with a blanket of lights on the ceiling instead of a chandelier.  We headed back to the Global Dance stage to finish out Wolfgang's epic set and listen to Ecoteck.  All throughout Ecotek's set more and more people continued to pack into the Dance side waiting for Krewella to come on and play their set.  As soon as 11:00 hit and they took the stage the crowd went wild.  There was so much energy that the floor was shaking when everyone jumped.  Krewella maintained the energy jumping on stage, all while singing their hit songs like Alive.  

At midnight there was the countdown to 2013 and right at 12:00 huge white balloons dropped from the ceilings in both stages to ring in the New Year.  Everyone was so happy, and it seemed as though everyone got some kind of New Years kiss.  On the Dance stage ATB immediately got on the decks and led attendees into 2013 by playing his hit "Ecstasy" in an awesome remix while on the Dub stage Mimosa dropped the bass hard!!!  

ATB, Rudee, and Zeds Dead did an amazing job maintaining the energy and closing out the night.  Ms. Ez's performers added another level of awesomeness to the event.  They included stilters, sexy Go-Go dances, and talented trick bikers that amused and awed the crowed all night. Overall there were lots of people bringing great vibes to 2013.  The year has only just begun at if this is how it starts we can't wait to see what the other 364 days of 2013 will bring to this EDM community!


A Blu Christmas? Yes Please!

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Prime Studios with Sydney Blu at Beta


December 23rd, 2012

As Prime Studios' last event before taking a holiday break we went to Beta Nightclub to see Sydney Blu spin some awesome Progressive and Electro House.  Although the crowd was light because of the impending holiday, those that were there were partying it up.  Many people were wearing blue and ended up wearing blue santa hats by the end of the night.  During Sydney's set balloons were dropped and kept up in the air for the rest of the night.  It was cool to have a female DJ on stage rocking the decks!  Upstaris the BPL was dancing to the sounds of JLeet, Royal, Beckley & Krootz, and Sax All Night.  Despite the cold weather Denverites were enjoying themselves one last night before the holidays hit.

Have fun and stay safe this holiday season!


Tangle and Mateusz at Global Fridays

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December 22, 2012

Yesterday we decided to celebrate the "end of the world" at the Church's DOOMSDAY event.  We went to support DJ Snipez, Travis Trax, and to check out trance duo Tangle and Mateusz.  Travis Trax opened the night with some high energy electro house and DJ Snipez kep the energy going.  After DJ Snipez finished his set we went to check out the Global DJ Academy stage.  The set up was more relaxed with chairs and couches scattered through out the room, but still a large open dance area in the center.  The DJ students were tag-teaming sets with a wide variety of music.  As they were playing Val and Prime grabed an interview from Walt, the owner to find out what the Academy was all about.

We headed outside to the packed smoking area to get a few more interviews with people, everyone was very excited to be out and see the DJs and party!  Heading back inside we alternated between the main stage to see the Alpha Omega battle, downstairs to see Kemo Chin, and back to the Global DJ Academy stage.  Near the end of the night we made our way back to mainstage to watch Tangle and Mateusz spin.  With their never ending energy they closed out the night with style.   Despite the lack of world ending, we still danced like it was 1999.

Be sure to check out both Travis Trax and DJ Snipez on our podcast episodes 10 and 11.  Were YOU at the Church for DOOMSDAY?  Be sure to check out episode 15, you just might be on there!


Neuro Sentence at Burn

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December 17th, 2012

Saturday December 15th, 2012 we went to Burn at The Blue Ice in Denver.  Burn is a 100% Industrial night that The Blue Ice every 3rd Saturday.  This month the headliners were the Industrial band Neuro Sentence, hailing from Colorado Springs.  They had an awesome set up with camo netting surrounding them and razor wire wrapped around their keyboards.  There were several people around the bar enjoying drinks and conversation while a few others were out on the dance floor.  As soon as Neuro Sentence came on, more people got up and started to dance.   With a throbbing bass line, melodic keyboarding, intense synths, and dark ominous vocals Neuro Sentence captivated the crowd their entire set.  Contrary to the stereotype that most people who attend these event are cold and prefer to be left a lone, we met and interviewed several awesome people.  Everyone we talked to was extremely friendly and their love of the music was apparent.

Although it's not our usual scene, we will definitely be back again for a refreshing change of pace!