Around the World With Global Deejays

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Prime Studios with Global Deejays at Beta

Friday December 14th, 2012

Last night Prime Studios headed out to Beta nightclub in Denver to check out the multinational Global Deejays.  Arriving about 10:30 there was surprisingly no line to enter through the VIP door and very few people inside.  Despite the barren looking dance floor Joman threw down some crazy beats.  Ecotek followed him, getting the growing crowd dancing in no time.  Upstairs the Beatport Lounge was packed with people jamming out to top 40, hip-hop, and trap music.  

By the time Global Deejays went on at midnight Beta was much more packed and the energy had pick up immensely   Only half of the duo was there for some reason, but the show was just as good.  Playing both remixes and original house and electro, the energy remained on high the course of the night.  Overall a fun NRG Thursday at Beta.


Behind the Scenes: Frostbite

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December 10th, 2012

Saturday December 8th Floorbangers put on the 7th annual Frostbite at the National Western Complex.  With 5 total stages and over 60 DJs it was quite the production.  We went behind the scenes to bring you the full story from set up to tear down.

Starting Friday morning at 11AM set up began.  We spent all day Friday loading speakers, lights, and stage pieces into the Complex.  It was hard work involving lots of heavy lifting.  After finishing for the day at 9PM, we were back at 9AM Saturday to continue.  All day Saturday we hung lights, wired speakers, painted props, and finalized stage set ups.  We worked on two of the side stages, Ice Breakers and Snow Bass, but there were tons of other people working on the other three.  It was a mad scramble toward the end, but it all managed to come together in the nick of time.  After set up was complete Prime changed gears and worked security all night at the Ice Breakers stage.

Vals House and Siri and VIP passes and wondered around the event throughout the night checking out all the different stages and music styles.  There were tons of people there, probably over 2,000 attended.  There were definitely high points and OK points to the night.  The overall vibe from the crowed was awesome, everyone seemed like they were having a great time regardless of what stage they were at.  People were dancing everywhere with very few taking advantage of the seating by the main stage.

Unfortunately Basshunter had visa issues so he was unable to play, this just led to longer sets by all of the other DJs playing at the Frostbite Arena.  Although people trickled in until about 8:30 or so around 9 everyone started to show up.  Trajikk and AudioX were killing it on the main stage at this point and the crowd was really feeling their energy.  Over the course of the night we saw Trajikk all over the place helping the event staff out where ever he could.  DJ Micro kept stopping the music, leaving fans disappointed in his set.  Afterwards Cazzette and Noisecontrollers more than made up for the lack of music though with their hard hitting sets.  After pausing momentarily to fix something Cazzette dived right into a set filled with their unique Dub House style.  Finishing off the night in the Frostbite Arena was Dutch Hard Style duo Noisecontrollers.  Hard Style may not be very big in the Denver scene right now but Noisecontrollers’ awesome set may change some minds!

At all 4 side stages Denver locals rocked out throughout the night as well.  The Snow Bass stage was the place to be for Dubstep with Jrush & Darksku and Dubwood set up an awesome projector on the side of the stage that featured cool visuals throughout the night.  Hard Storm featured genre bending duo  Beckley and Krootz while Blizzard offered some trance with John Corey and DJ Snipez.  Over at Ice Breakers there was a rematch between Lexi Fey and Lee Harris from the promoters’ battle (it ended in another tie) with Robo and Strike closing it down.   All the Denver locals threw down awesome beats, even if some of them got a little too into it and “red zoned”, distorting the sounds for a bit.

Amazing lasers, CO2 cannons, giant balloons, inflatable decorations, sexy Go Go dancers, performers, and confetti snow just added to the great production value of the music.  After seeing what goes on behind the scenes we are even more appreciative of what goes into the shows we love.  We want to give a shout out to all the people that made Frostbite awesome: security guards, light guys, sounds guys, organizers, and volunteers.  Without you there would be no shows!   Remember next time you go out somewhere to thank someone that’s there for what they do J


Dark Tuesday at Blue Ice

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December 6th, 2012

Tuesday December 4th we headed down to Blue Ice, located on Broadway and Ellsworth in Denver.  We went for their night of Industrial and Dark Techno music.  Blue Ice looks small from the outside but once inside you see how it extends pretty far back.  

It has a nice open aptmosphere with an elevated VIP area that was roped off when we were there. The dance floor was good sized with a thick railing dividing it from the main bar area.  There were plenty of tables, chairs, and booths for those wishing to socialize and drink.  With two fully stocked bars there is no shortage of drinks, and they were a good price too.  The DJ booth was elevated with speaker towers at the front of the room and others mounted to the ceiling.  All these speakers made the synth leads sound amazing and fill the room.  With multi-colored laser lights all over it made you want to get up and move.  DJs OnDre and Mason Disorder rocked out despite the slower night.

Overall Blue Ice offers a refreshing different vibe and sound that is definitely worth checking out!


Alpha Omega vs Diluzional Sessions

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 Diluzional  Casselman Alpha Omega

Sunday December 2nd, 2012

Saturday December 1st, 2012 we headed over to Casselman's Bar & Venue for the Alpha Omega versus Diluzional Sessions promoters battle.  It was fun more but more low key event.  Fans came wearing either purple and white to show support of Diluzional Sessions or red and black for Alpha Omega.  DJs got up two at a time and played against each other.  There were awesome DJs from both side including Travis Trax, Lexi Fey, Jon Sidberry, and Lee Harris.  GoGos dressed in team colors alternated dancing to the sets.  Throughout the night there was free jumgle juice for everyone that came in wearing a sticker showing what team they were there supporting.  

The crowd was small at first but grew through out the night, especially in the large main room.  There was an emcee walking around with a portable mic announcing making the event more interactive.  In the back room there bar was fairly busy and off to the side there were tattoo artists hard at work.  People were bouncing in and out of the outdoor smoking area to socialize.

Over the course of the night the teams competed in how many people showed for them, how involved their crowd was, how their DJs did, and GoGo performance.  Based on these and a few other factors Diluzional Sessions won the night.  Very fun event and we will be back to check out more events at Casselman's.


There's a New Kid on the Block: Norad

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Sunday December 2nd, 2012

Friday November 30th, 2012 we went to see Alpha-Omega's various DJs play at a new EDM club in Denver, Norad.  Located slightly off the beaten path on the corner of 22nd and Champa, Norad is a multi-level club slightly reminiscent of club Vinyl.  As soon as you walk in the door you can either head up stairs or continue to the main level of the club.  Friday the main level was filled with hard hitting industrial music while the upstairs was rocking out to house and electro.  

The main floor is open with DJ booth located to the right and a bar on the left.  The open space lends an awesome atmosphere for dancing with epic lights and a rocking sound system.  Walking through the main floor you end up outside on their smoking patio.  The smoking patio was lined with booths on two sides leaving an open social area in the middle.  After checking that out we headed upstairs to see the Alpha Omega DJs.  The second level is quite a bit small but boasts an amazing projection light show on the walls and a DJ booth surrounded by speakers.  We hung out by the bar and listened to local house genius Jon Sidberry spin.  A few brave souls took to the floor to dance while other hung back to the chairs and tables to socialize.   

Although there weren't a ton of people there, this is for sure an up and coming spot that you need to check out if you are a fan of EDM.  It has such a welcoming atmosphere that anyone would want to dance the night there we give it a 5 out of 5.