A Grand Time at Beta

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Fedde Le Grand beta

Sunday December 2nd, 2012

Thursday November 29th, 2012 house music rockstar Fedde Le Grand came to Beta nightclubs NRG Thursdays as a stop on his Dark Light Sessions North America Takeover tour and Prime Studios was there to cover it.  Arriving at early at 10PM there was no one in the VIP line and we got right in.  After dancing to Tommy Michael's set for a half hour we ventured outside.  To our surprise the line was now insanely long!  The VIP line stretched from the VIP entrance all the way up to Blake street with the GA line running down 19th and curving around.  We knew it was going to be a night fill with energy.

Following Tommy Michael was Ecotek.  He kept the crowed pumped up for the next hour or so until Fedde Le Grand came on.  Once Fedde hit the stage the energy increased even more and lasted till close at 2AM.  Although a house DJ, Fedde played a very assorted set ranging from his signature style to hits like Swedish House Mafia's "Greyhound" to Calvin Harris's "Feel So Close to You" to and awesome remix of "Cinema".  In fact it seemed as though he played more remixes of other's songs than he played his own hits.  

Throughout the night the CO2 cannons blasted making the crowd go crazier (fun fact Fedde Le Grand was the headliner the night Beta premiered them).  The crowd was feeling the love for Fedde when he dropped his hit "So Much Love" but the weren't really loving their fellow attendees.  It was hard to get close to the front if you hadn't been there from the beginning and people didn't want to let anyone though.  The dance floor, upper level bar, and cat walk were as packed as we had seen in a very long time.  The only slight detractor from the night was the emcee who tried to engage the crowd at several points in the night.  He just seemed as though he was trying to hard and it slightly took away form the over all experience.  Aside from Fedde himself put on an amazing show with an epic set.

At the end of the night Siri was once again lucky enough to go up say hi, thank you and get a picture with Fedde making the night all that much grander.


Giving Thanks at Trancegiving

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Marcus Krystie

November 21st, 2012

This past Wednesday we went out to The Church in Denver Colorado for their annual pre-Thanksgiving event Trancegiving. For the past 8 years trance legend Markus Schulz has headlined this event and returned this year for the 9th time. Opening up for him were Denver locals Trajikk and Hycloud. Trajikk started off the night and got everyone on the dance floor moving. The Hycloud came on and pumped up the energy even more.

Around midnight Ha, the owner of the Triad Dragons, got on the mic and announced Markus Schulz. As soon as he hit the decks the crowd went wild! The energy shot up even more and the entire club started dancing. Markus was very enthusiastic as he played, jumping up and down, clapping, and keeping the crowed engaged. As he played you could tell he loved what he was doing and he does it very well. There were seamless transitions from song to song as well as his usual tough trance style of music. The energy never left his set as he played until the very end of the night at 2AM. After his set he stayed in the DJ booth taking pictures with fans and signed autographs for around ten minutes he then left to go to a quite room.

Siri was fortunate enough to be able to go back to get a picture and ask a question. First of all she thanked him for his EDC Las Vegas 2012 Art Car performance; he was the one of the only DJs that stayed after it was shut down and played for over 4 hours. He said that particular show was a highlight of his weekend as well. She then asked what kept him coming back to Denver. He replied that it is a great city and he has friends here so that is what keeps him coming back.

We will be giving thanks for the great music we heard as well as the opportunity to meet with such an awesome down to earth guy as Markus Schulz for a long time.



Mix Hookah Lounge

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Saturday November 18th, 2012.

We headed down to Mix Hookah  Lounge on Saturday to check out sets by local Denver DJs Lee Harris and Korban Dallas.  The location itself seemed very new, and well designed.  The interior had a Tuscany feel and the entire interior was scattered with modern chairs and couches surrounding the hookah tables.  With a disco ball and red laser lights it made you feel like you wanted to dance when you weren't enjoying the hookah.  Mix serves only best-Starbuzz- in their top of the line hookahs.  They offer an entire menu worth of options ranging from simple to more complex, and you can even lace your base for more flavor.  The employees were dressed to impress and the owners seemed very personable.  They offer a small selection of drinks for when you need to wet your throat.  No cigarette smoking was allowed inside which added an air of classiness.

Both Lee Harris and Korban Dallas thew down awesome sets on the special editions CDJ 800s that were located in the elevated DJ booth.  With a variety of music ranging from eletro to break to the new break out genre trap there was music that made everyone want to dance.  The music played loud and clear from the sound system, but not so loud that you weren't able to talk with your friends.

Over all Mix Hookah Lounge gets 5 out of 5 rating this week.  Great atmosphere, great music, and great hookah add up to one place you gotta check out! 

Check out their page at the following link:

 Thanks for checking out the review on Mix Hookah check back soon for more reviews.




Ferry Corsten @Beta NightClub

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November 8th, 2012-Ferry Corsten at Beta Nightclub Denver

      Trance legend Ferry Corsten rocked it out Thursday night in the heart of Denver at Beta nightclub.  Prime Studios was on the guest list, and it seemed like half the people that attended were as well.  We showed up at the club about 10:40 thinking that moving through the line would take a matter of minutes as it usually does-boy were we wrong.  At around 10:45 the guest list line wound through the stantions and half way down the block towards Blake street.  While we were unconcerned about having to get in, many people had to be in the doors by 11 to get if they were on a list and pay $5.  It took about 20 minutes to get through the ID check and into the club so many of the people waiting had to pay at least a $25 cover.  

      Once in it was clear that it was going to be an upbeat night.  People were already crowding on the main dance floor dancing to opening DJ-Ecoteck.  Upstairs in the Beatport Lounge there were DJs rocking some hip-hop match ups.  The bars were busy, but it didn't take forever to get drinks, especially at the VIP bar on the second floor.  Plenty of people were outside enjoying the weather and a cigarette, but that all came to an end once midnight hit and Ferry took the stage.  He opened his set with the hit "Feel It" and everyone was feeling it alright!  The dance floor was jumping all night and went even crazier when Beta upped the ante and dropped blue and white confetti on the dancers.  The balcony was lined with observers on the upper level rocking out as well.  No one wanted to stop dancing, the music just gave the crowd a never ending energy.  Closing the night with "Take Me" he took listeners on journey through the night.  One can see why he is indeed a trance icon.