Foam Fest 2013

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Foam Fest 2013

Hey everyone its Vals House. I had the pleasure to roam around and have a blast at FoamFest 2013 Get Brainwashed. Even though Colorado decided to have a monster snow storm the night before it could not stop all of us from enjoying the party. From the epic foam cannons, people dancing the night away and the banger tunes played all night. From working guest services and passing out the Prime Studios VIP goodie bags to meeting so many interesting people. Id have to say the event was already expected to be one for the books.

            The crazy DJ sets from all the Floorbangrs to the heavy bass from Ishe just led to a great night with Reid Speed and Revolvr. Both of them threw down epic remixes and great tracks during their sets. The crowd was jumping all night in the foam. Getting to know them both after the event for some 1on1’s was such a great time. From Revolvr cruising youtube for inspiration on tracks and wanting the EDM (electronic dance music) to evolve to better music and Reid Speed being from our own Boulder, Co with raver roots and owning her own record company called Play Me. It was such a great experience getting to know them and dancing the night away.

            Throughout the night I met many fun people and danced in the foam. Alongside all the Tantalize dancers raging in the foam and watching everyone have a great time. Throwing out t-shirts and goodie bags and making everyone’s night just a little bit better. I even witnessed the inflatable castle topple over than alarmed a security guard, but all was ok and jumped right in it!

            I have to give a big thanks to everyone that put on this great event. The Floorbangrs that let us join the party and promote the VIP and give out tons of free promotional gear and all the local DJ’s for their banging sets. Rhythm EFX for the great production and foam cannons. Tantalize Dance Team for the fun in the foam and dancing all night long. Platinum Play Events Center and staff for such a fun venue and especially you and everyone that came out to dance the night away at FoamFest 2013 Get Brainwashed! Such an amazing time with friends dancing the night away in all the foam. 

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Bunny at Subterranean Nightclub

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Prime Studios at Subterranean Nightclub for Bunny of Rabbit in the Moon

Sunday February 17, 2013

Last night Prime Studios ventured down to Colorado Springs to check out Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Subterranean Nightclub and watch Bunny perform.  Subterranean's entrance is slightly off the road, giving you an underground vibe as soon as you walk up to the door man.  After going down a set of exterior stairs we were inside the club itself.  Right as you walk inside there is a bar to your left and a VIP area to your right.  The VIP area had curtained off sections giving a exclusive feel with one open side allowing you to still feel a part of the crowd.  

As we walked more into the club we noticed that we were on a metal catwalk that overlooked the stage.  From here you had a great view of the DJ and dance floor.  We walked down the stairs to the dance floor which was very spacious and allowed the crowd to get close to the DJ.  At the back and on the left side of the dance floor there were booths and tables for when dancers needed to take a break.  The exposed stone and piping gave the whole area an underground/warehouse type of feel that was awesome.

After jamming out to the tracks of DJ Rodd Sim for a little while we headed back to the main level  It was then we noticed the pool table and body art booth, both with people around them.  After stopping by the bar for a drink we mingled and socialized a bit, all the while enjoying tunes from Tony Knight and Kenetix.  The energy stayed up all night and all of the opening DJs had people out dancing.

A little after 11 the legendary Bunny of Rabbit in the Moon took to the decks.  His set started off with hard hitting electro and never stopped going.  With epic voice overs and tons of interaction with the crowd Bunny showed all those in attendance exactly while he is seen as an EDM innovator.  People packed onto the dance floor and jammed out the entire 2 hour set.  Bunny wasn't one to just stay behind the decks, he actually went out into the crowd on several occasions!  The energy never stopped making it easy to dance the night away.

Subterranean's clientele seems to truly embody the EDM culture.  Everyone person that we met was there for the music and the people.  There was a group that came down from Kansas simply to see Bunny.  They, along with everyone else that we got to meet, shared their love of the music and the culture with us.  No one was afraid to be themselves and everyone was excepted.  It's been a while since we had seen people simply dancing to music, just letting go and feeling it, but we did here.

We look forward to going back and enjoying the atmosphere and music much more in the future    

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Global Fridays with Buzzy

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Prime Studios with Buzz at The Church

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Last night Prime Studios went down to Denver's SoCo club district for a night of electro.  The Church nightclub had a good crowd and everyone was up beat.  Students from DU were filming a video about club life which made the night even more interesting.  

We enjoyed hearing Triad Dragon Kevin Alves at his residency as he threw down a great mix of tracks.  Closing out the night was up and coming electro producing duo Buzzy.  These young Coloradans not only do they produce electro they also mix!  They took to the decks wearing awesome outlet/plug masks and played some great electro that had everyone dancing to end the night.  These guys are someone to watch and we look forward to seeing them play again soon!

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MOTH Poetic Circus

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Saturday, February 9th, 2013 

Last night Prime Studios ventured to the Dark Side of the Moon during MOTH Poetic Circus: Cirque Side of the Moon.  We saw Casselman's set up in the round at this epic sold out show.  It was a night the blended the mystery of Mardis Gras masks with the performances of Cirque De Soleil with electronic dance music and Pink Floyd.  With a slightly older crowd the vibe was very relaxed and laid back.  However everyone still got into the spirit of the show by wearing crazy masks.  

Walt White of the Global DJ Academy started out the night, and he was awesome.  The venue was completely filled; there were so many people that once the performances began those in front sat down.  The performers showed great flexibility, strength, and emotions over the next hour or so.  With amazing aerial feats and stunning choreography they drew you into the story.  The performed over the sounds of We Wish We Were Floyd, an amazing Pink Floyd cover band.  They were celebrating the 40th anniversary of the album Dark Side of the Moon.  As the performers and band took their bows they received a well earned standing ovation.

 Closing out the night was Lance Herbstrong, an electronic rock band from Texas.  They had had your typical rock band instruments along with a DJ.  The blend of the two styles was very unique and offered a cool sound that we hadn't heard that often.  Previously playing at such shows as Austin City Limits and Electric Forest it was fantastic to see them at such an intimate venue.

MOTH Poetic Circus is something we won't soon forget and look forward to their next venture in Colorado.


Showstoppers Showtek at Beta

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Prime Studios with Showtek at Beta

February 8th, 2013

Last night Prime Studios headed down to Beta nightclub in Denver to see electronic dance music genre bending dup Showtek.  We got there around 9:45 and the VIP line was fairly short so we got inside the club in a matter of minutes.  After jaming out to Sergio Santana for a little while we headed upstairs to check out Klutch Beat.  There was a decently sized crowed on both floors.  After Trajikk got on the decks the energy really started to ramp up.

We went outside around 10:30 and the VIP line was now almost all the way to Market.  Despite the cold fans waited outside for their chance to get in for Showtek.  As these people got inside the main dance floor filled up quickly.  Everyone was in a great mood and super excited to dance the night away.

When Showtek took to the stage at midnight the crowd roard with excitement.  From the very beginning they threw down an amazing mix of electro, progressive, and even a little electrohouse.  One of our favorite moments was when the dropped the classic "Satisfaction"!  The crowd's energy never died, they were jumping around, screaming, and cheering the entire set.  Showtek put on a great performance with tons of interaction with the fans. They never seemed still for a moment, instead they were constantly moving to perfect the music and jump with their fans.  All of this just makes us want to see them again!