Top 5 Things to Bring to a Rave

Written by Prime. Posted in Tips & Tricks

So you've decided to go to that awesome show this weekend.  You think you're all ready; ticket bought, outfit laid out, and know your artists' set times.  On the day of the show you walk out the door and pause.  You check off everything in your mind, but wait do you REALLY have everything you'll need?  Here are Prime's top 5 things to bring to a rave:

1.  Chapstick.

     Screaming in your friends' ears all night will dry out your lips quickly.  Bring chapstick to prevent this and keep your lips soft all night.

2.  Make sure your cell phone is charged.

     Bringing your phone is obvious, but it's vital to ensure that it's fully charged.  A half battery may seem like plenty, but remember you won't just be calling your group.  Sometimes calls won't go though and text will take forever to send draining your battery.  You'll be taking pictures and videos giving your phone an even shorter life.

3. Gum

    Not only does it keep your breath fresh, it also gives you a great ice breaker to talk with that hottie.

4.  Cash

     Not all vendors take plastic and ATM fees at events are outrageous.  Save yourself the hassle, and some money, by pulling out cash before hand.  While it sucks to lose some cash, losing your card at a massive would be even worse.

5.  Cigarettes (optional)

     Sometimes you just need a break from the music and heading to the smoking area can offer a nice break.  A quick cigarette (preferably a menthol) can energize you for more dancing.

Bringing these things to a rave can make your night even better.



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