Top 5 Things to Do at a Music Festival

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The electronic dance music culture offers many types of shows, from small intimate venues to those that hold hundreds of thousands.  No matter what size event you attend here are fives things that you have to do at least once.

1.  Get a light show

     Most people associate people staring at lights with drugs, but that's not always the case.  Many glovers are simply artists that want to share their art with those around them.         Many people use gloves, but lights shows can also be performed with glow sticks and other light up things.  A good glover can blow your mind even if you are sober!  So next time   you go to a show take that person up on their offer.

2.  Trade kandi

    Kandi are the beaded bracelets that you see many people wearing at EDM events.  People make their own and bring it to events in order to trade and make a collection.  Even if you don't have any yet most people are more than will to give you some.  Kandi, in a way, represents Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR) and the act of trading shows this.  Make sure you ask someone how to trade properly too.

3.  Check out an artist you've never heard of before

    Lots of people go to festivals because of one artists or another and only for those artists.  Next time you go to a music festival be sure to stop by a different stage and see someone you've never heard of before.  You could hear your new favorite artist!

4.  Get a VIP ticket

    VIP tickets to music festivals often have extra perks such as special passes, free stuff, exclusive areas, and sometimes even goodie bags.  You still hear the same awesome EDM but you can see the show from a completely different perspective.  Even if you don't make it to festivals very often this is completely worth it.

5.  Meet new people

    One of the greatest things about EDM is that it brings people from across the globe together.  Next time you're at a show go talk to some new people and find out where they came from.  You'll have the chance to meet people from anywhere from the next town over to half way around the world.  The people at festivals are some of the friendliest you'll ever come across and chances are you'll have new life long friends.

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