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Where EDM is Everything!


     You have arrived. Prime Studios is a virtual gathering of EDM producers, DJ’s, fans and anyone else that wants to be in on the mix. Our founders, Prime and “House Head” Val’s House formed V.I.P. and brought together today’s top EDM personalities as they travel to the best events around the globe.


 Based in the electric city of Denver, Colorado, they have access to the scene in Denver as well as having the ability to attend shows anywhere in the U.S with just a short jet ride. The music they love drives them; through the heavens in a never-ending search to find the best shows and meet the artists that bring EDM to life.


 V.I.P. is dedicated to bringing the EDM to the fans. Whether it a soulful trance or some downright hard hitting dirty dubstep, you will find it all here. You will see what goes into an EDM production as well as hear interviews with everyone involved in the scene on their podcasts. From the latest equipment to rising stars on the horizon, V.I.P. will bring it all here.


 In the Reviews section, SIRI will review shows, EDM releases and virtually everything that relates to EDM. As the site continues to grow, you will see the Prime Studios e-zine. Bringing everything EDM to the masses with the distinctive flair of V.I.P.


    VIP wants everyone that visits the site to have the best experience! Prime Studios is dedicated to always bringing you the best in Electronic Music!!! If you want to give advice, complain, contribute, or be a part of the team send an e-mail to:


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 If you love dance music and love to write, email us three writing clips (either in Word docs or web links) that showcase your writing style and high level of grammar, spelling, and electronic-music knowledge to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 


Erik Anderson (Prime) Owner erik

      Colorado born and Montana raised Prime has been dabbling in producing ever since hearing The Crystal Method in the early 1990's.  Growing up in Montana provided few opportunites for exposure to EDM culture so in 2011 he took a new job and moved to Denver.  Upon arriving in Denver he dove into it's EDM scene and never looked back.  From seeing some of the world's best DJs at Beta nightclub, to going to local shows, to working events and meeting fellow producers.  His favorite genre to both listen to and produce is electro but he also enjoys house and trance.  In 2012 he founded Prime Studios and teamed up with Vals House to form VIP.  When not producing or traveling the nation going to the best EDM events, he works as a network engineer in order to ensure that you can visit this page.  

Contact Information:
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Vito Lucero (Vals House) Senior Media Consultant 299192 645052932313 72206234 33770754 781970245 n

      Vals House has been musically inclined since birth and grew up in a ver musical family including a drumming father and vocalist mother.  As a young teenager he began to play jazz and funk bass.  At 15 he discovered his love of house music after visiting Denver record store Twist and Shout.  Later that year he attended his first electronic show.  Three years later he began DJing  In 2008 he began DJing electronic shows in Colorado with a friend in the duo called Seven2Oh!.  For three years they continously brought the funky, groovy, and electro house to Denver's EDM scene.   At that same time he became more active in the Denver club and party scene.  Ever since falling in love with the scene he has remained an active member for over a decade.  Now at 27, Vals House takes his love of house music to the studo to bring you everything that is music. 

Contact Information:

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Jackson Riddle (JAX) Editor jacksonI


In between the lines
Outside of the law
Underneath the veil
We dig our foundations
We navigate the globe
Trying to find a pattern to break the mold
With a family to feed
There's nowhere we won't go

-FloBots “MayDay”


Not much can be said about JAX, other than he may have been born in an explosion of sound. Not a Denver native, not really a native of anywhere, JAX loves all music, but as it seems, EDM holds a special place within his soul.

As Senior Editor for Prime Studios, JAX balances creative writing with hard hitting reviews and researching this thing we all love. EDM. No venue is too small, no history too obsolete, JAX is dedicated to bringing the stories to the fans.

One thing is for sure, regardless of the artist, venue, product, or fragment of EDM history; JAX will bring the stories forward with his unique approach as a fair, unbiased source of all things EDM.


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