Rodd Sim

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Rodd Sim

DJ Rodd Sim has been a part of the electronic music industry for over 20 years now. He grew up in Los Angeles, CA and has lived in a variety of places over the years. Originally enjoying everything the scene had to offer as what was then affectionately known as a "raver". He first started djing under the guise "Eclipse" in Honolulu, Hawaii in the year 1997. He originally spun trance and progressive trance and shared a residency with Archangel, Miklos, and Spyhunter. He enjoyed playing multiple shows for Matthew Grimm and Double O Spot Productions as well as being a resident dj at The Groove, 1739, Evolution, and Pink Cadillacs to name a few. His major highlights during this time include playing in Hirosaki, JA, Sydney, AU, as well as opening for Carl Cox during the millenium New Years Eve show.

Shortly after his first few years of djing in Hawaii he moved to the great state of Georgia. This is where he first met up with Dj Soloboy and Soloboy Productions. They were one of the top production crews in Eastern, GA. Here he morphed his style to start including more techno and progressive house. This was the first time that he was able to start branching out and playing all over. He still played under the guise of Eclipse at this time. Not only was a staple resident at all the parties in Augusta, GA, but he also played in Denver, Phoenix, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Tuscon, Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta to name a few. This truly was the start of something special.

A few years later Rodd Sim moved to Fayetteville, NC. This really became a hiccup in his musical career. Also being an enlisted soldier in the American military he found himself commonly deployed overseas supporting military operations. This put a great strain on his musical career. It was during this time that he decided to re-invent himself and changed his guise to Rodd Sim. He tried to stay as involved with the music scene as he could. He ended up producing shows under Shadowbox Productions and started working with artists such as Kenneth Thomas, Tony Puccio, and Andrew Parsons. During this time he played in such places As Tampa, Austin, Raleigh, Washington D.C, and Birmingham, Stuttgart GE, and Naples IT. Overall it was still a difficult position to be in with being out of the country consistently.

Finally Rodd Sim has made it to the last location in this story. He is currently located in Colorado Springs, CO. With his military career soon to be over he has started to have the time and ability to focus more on his music. His style has progressed and his sets have started to include a little piece of everything. They can be ecclectic, energetic, deep, soulful, and emotional. They are a rollercoaster ride of sound and emotion that are meant for the experience. He is currently working more in the area of music production as well as continuing to promote his DJ career. He already has five remixes scheduled to be released within the next 6 months as well as two pieces of original music. Additionally he is a content manager and dj to the famed Satellite Records. He is also  the label head for upcoming label Auricle Recordings. He is primed and ready to take that next step into his musical career and excited to bring his brand of electronica to everyone. Look for big things over the next year and forth coming years as he plans to explode your mind and satisfy your ear drums.  He recently has just released an Original track "Godmaker" and a remix of Oliver Gross on TechTribal Records.  "The Drum Train" release that "Godmaker" was on charted top 30 in four different genres on Beatport.  

DJS played with: Anthony Pappa, Sandra Collins, Reza, G-Spot, Carl Cox, Andrew Parsons, Tony Puccio, John Digweed, Kenneth Thomas, Geezer, Keoki, Bad Boy Bill, Richard "Humpty" Vission, Icey, Tony Faline, Burufunk, Filthy Rich, Samski, Dj Soloboy, Archangel, Miklos, Spyhunter, Matthew Grimm, Bruce Nolan, Doc Martin, Miguel Migs, Colette to name a few.....


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