Tatsu Ogata

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DJ Tatsu

Tatsu Ogata is a young up and coming EDM producer from Denver Colorado. He is known for his high energy Tech Trance, his groovy Progressive beats and his dirty Electro sounds. Tatsu Ogata is vastly becoming one of Colorado’s most versatile producers and dj's, he is defiantly not one to miss, with his unique style to create a new expressive performance not like your typical dj set. He has played at some of the top clubs and events with some of the worlds best including Cosmic Gate, Marcel Woods, Marcus Schossow and many more. He is always working in the studio sometimes collaborating with his production partner Skye and Reverend Pariah, to keep putting out those pumping crowed pleasing tracks witch are released under Addictive Vibe Records. So make sure you keep your eyes and ears open cause you don’t want to miss out on his unique style. 

Check out the interview we did with Tatsu Here on VIP Episode 35.

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