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Steve Smooth

Born and raised on Chicago’s Southside, Steve Smooth first immersed himself in the dance music scene working at a local record store and then a Chicago based independent record label. As a DJ, Steve worked to perfect his style of mixing by hitting the Chicago club circuit. This, along with Guest appearances on several college radio stations, helped him to gain recognition which eventually lead to a frequent guest spot on weekly Sunday mix show, “The Street Flava,” which aired on Chicago’s largest radio station B96 (96.3 FM). Steve Smooth then began working in the studio producing and remixing tracks for some of the hottest dance labels. Mixes like “Everyday My Life” and the remix of the vocal anthem, “Time” by legendary House Diva Dajae, helped Steve quickly make his mark in the house and dance music community as well as receiving much deserved attention from Billboard Magazine. His first original production “Beat Freaker” created a frenzy on dance-floors worldwide. This Solidified him as a production force to be reckoned with. Steve’s skills in the studio earned him a part on Bad Boy Bill’s production team working on dance-floor hits such as: “Everybody;” “Costa Del Sol” and “Happy” as well as Bill’s mix compilation series “Bangin’ The Box” & “Behind The Decks.” In 2002 Steve seized the opportunity to tour with the world renowned DJ and Chicago native Bad Boy Bill. Steve took his skills as a DJ to countless shows around the world, including the UK, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, and North & South Americas. He traveled and played alongside Bad Boy Bill for over 3 years. By working with Bad Boy Bill, Steve ended up hooking up with his then production partner, JJ Flores. Together, they found a signature sound that filled dance floors across the Globe. Peak hour tracks like “Release”, “Get Naked” & “Time for Love” became bonafide hits and led to the release on such labels as: Ministry of Sound (UK), Sound Division (Italy), Vendetta (Spain), Fine Tune (France) & Ménage Music (US). Steve and JJ have remixed for many mainstream artists such as Nelly Furtado, Santana, & Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. They also produced remixes for house music artists such as Antoine Clamaran, Hatiras, DJ Dan, and Eric Prydz. Their remix of “Dancin” by Aaron Smith was a Top 10 hit in the UK Pop Charts in 2006. With the success of the Steve and JJ’s production, Ménage Music released their first full length album entitled “The Collection”. This album was just that; a collection of the most popular tracks produced and remixed by the duo to date. Soon enough the two found themselves back on tour. This time with the Bad Ass B*tches (a female dance group) for The Debauchery Tour. This tour took them to over 20 major cities in the U.S. and Canada. With extraordinary feedback from media and club-goers, Steve and JJ obtained a monthly residency at Spybar Chicago in their hometown, which was later moved to another Chicago venue, Crobar. In 2007 Steve found himself growing musically more than ever before. He produced two rock EPs for the Electronic Rock Band, The Shock Stars. Within the 1st year the band has found themselves opening for other mainstream bands including AFI, but more impressively beating out over 2000 bands to win the MP3′s “Last Band Standing” contest to perform on the main stage of the infamous music festival “Lollapalooza.” Early in 2008, Steve signed his exclusive deal to release his & JJ’s sophomore album on Ultra Records / Ménage Music. In October 2008 the full length album “Amp’d” was released. The album featured the single “Let It Go,” with vocals by B. Lee, which topped the charts and was in rotation on all of the major dance music radio shows in the U.S. Another single titled “Stay,” featuring Colette, was remixed by John Dahlback & Nick Terranova and became a #1 download on as well as was in BPM Radio’s Top 20 of 2009. Other popular tracks from the album included “Being in Love,” “Deep Inside These Walls,” and “Sex Fiend.” All of these were floor killers in nightclubs worldwide. Steve has been voted one of “America’s Favorite DJs” according to BPM Magazine. Over the last 5 years Steve has continued to maintain an impressive DJ schedule by touring solo and headlining in 30 different countries as well as playing over 100 shows just in the past year alone. He is a resident DJ on Whet Travel’s yearly cruise, “The Groove Cruise” which packs a crowd of 2000 plus house music fans as well as many talented DJs from all over the world. Steve recently released his 3rd full length album in the summer of 2012 On Ultra Records. The first single “So High” created a huge buzz in the club scene as well as YouTube with a Music Video being a mash-up of the club scene from Spy Bar (Chicago) and a beach party in the Bahamas while aboard The Groove Cruise. 2013 already seems to be another busy year for Steve with 2 releases on Black Hole Recordings early this year and several collaborations in the works.


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Denver is the fourth biggest market on Earth for dubstep, and Ishe is Denver's dubstep don. No other
Mile High clubber slays for both Westword “Best Promoter” Sub.mission and “Best Monthly Party”
Whomp Truck. No other Coloradan is as animated at the helm, either. Ishe, to the faces he's melted
(after a Dr. Seuss character), boasts a decade and a half behind the decks, and his serious
experience shows. Anyone involved with Colorado's EDM scene has witnessed his wicked mixing and
track selection firsthand, as he's perpetually booked at both underground and massive events on a
weekly basis. Beta, the number one club in North America, recently made him a Bassic Fridays
resident. The biggest electronica festivals on the circuit, from Electric Daisy Carnival to Global Dance
Festival at Red Rocks, where Ishe has performed on the main stage for back-to-back years,are a
regular part of this workhorse's busy schedule. Kansas City, Lincoln, Detroit, Las Vegas and Salt Lake
are fans, thanks to a slew of out-of-state outings and a slot on the Global Dub Festival lineup
alongside the likes of Freq Nasty, Mimosa, and Benga. Releases on Velcro City Records, Snatchy Trax,
and L.A.-based powerhouse Play Me Records regularly crack Beatport's dubstep charts, with the 2011
Dirt Monkey collab “Flaunt It” peaking at #15. With the full-length album with Dirt Monkey "Turn Up
the Ride" out on Play Me, and a bagful of originals and remixes set to drop over the coming year,
Denver's dubstep don is certainly on a roll.

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Bruce Cullen

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Bruce Cullen

In 2010 Bruce Cullen Plays before 1.5 million at the LoveParade Germany:

In 2012 Bruce Cullen Releases his 1st track "Princess Bay", Tiesto's Original Label Black Hole Recordings & In Search of Sunrise Compilation CD tried to fit it in the series. Tiesto's Black Hole Recordings, In Trance We Trust (ITWT) signed the track right away. Bruce's 2nd Track "Rum Runners" is snatched up immediately by High Contrast Recordings, and released October 1, 2012.

At the end of 2012 Bruce Cullen is asked by Trance All-Stars to produce a remix, expected release date set for Nov./Dec. of 2012. And yet another track "1492" is picked up by Black Hole Recordings in September 2012 for a specialty 4 artist compilation CD to be released on New Years Eve 2012.

Bruce is currently being considered as an artist on some large record labels, it's hard to ignore how fast this guy is moving into the right hands of the industry.

In 2010 Bruce Cullen Plays LoveParade Germany (the largest music event of any kind on earth) in Front of Over 1.4 Million People: Bruce Cullen has been directly involved with the electronic dance music industry for over 2 decades, throwing his own events such as NeXT (http://NeXTPresents.Com/), bringing in top talent such as Sied van Riel, JOOP, Emma Hewitt, Ronald van Gelderen and many more to the dance floors of the United States for their first North America appearances.

With a background in Hollywood, appearing on Days of Our lives, Taco Bell Commercials, Bally's Shoe, Numerous NBC mini Series, In music Videos with Phil Collins, David Bowie, shows like Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, appearances with Elizabeth Montgomery, working with Michael Landon and many others.

The list just goes on and on, really.... Bruce also managed the Super Bowl 1/2 time show marketing online "Mitch Mortaza, Creator & Executive Producer of the Lingerie Bowl, states: "We at Horizon Productions have enjoyed incredible success on the web with almost 58 million fans logging onto our website and record web traffic. "Bruce has a background in Wall Street, was quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and has been written up in Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Bruce is a member of The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) headquartered in Los Angeles, and is also a member of The American Federation of Radio And Television Artists (AFTRA). These two elite Hollywood agencies back up his history in entertainment and then some. Bruce is involved currently with producing music and is in talks to work directly with the motion picture industry to create sounds that mesmerize the audience and take electronic music to another level.

iHeartRadio Includes Bruce's 'Concoction Series' Radio Show: Bruce Cullen Blasts The United States with a 250 Million Fanbase & Growing. The Concoction Series Becomes One of a Handful of Radio Shows to Reach a Potential Fan Base of more than 250 Million Users Through Clean Channel Communications Net work, along side Paul van Dyk; A Weekly Trance Music Mix Featuring Trance DJ Bruce Cullen. Bruce Cullen has net worked with the top producers and regularly talks with the largest event organizers around the globe; it's no wonder he's smashing the scene on a global scale. Bruce is a great guy and ALL the rest! Truly a DJ/Producer to watch close.

Bruce is also involved currently with producing music and has plans to work directly with the motion picture industry to create sounds that mesmerize the audience and take electronic music to another level.

With so much going on it takes some time, but as Bruce says "It all falls into place".

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There are many things about MsEasy that may attract you.  On the exterior she is a stylized go go girl with a flawless body.  She has these perfect arms, and abs that are fit for a magazine cover.  Her look and confidence attract both men and women, but to me it’s not Ez’s appearance that makes her so great, it’s what she’s accomplished.  Underneath that mysterious and shapely exterior lies a visionary who has been able to amass a go go empire.


It sounds kind of funny to think of a go go empire, but in reality this has taken shape.  Beckii, known in the industry as MsEasy has built the top team in the nation Team Ez.  She travels around the world, teaching up and coming girls how to dance.  She is hired to perform at the nations top shows, including Electric Daisy Carnival, Global Dance Festival, and with every major DJ you can possibly imagine; Deadmau5, Skrillex, Kaskade, the list goes on and on and on


MsEasy also started a youtube reality show called The Go Go Life takes you behind the scenes of electronic dance music through the lifestyle of MsEasy and her team of performers.  The lessons behind the curtain are not what you might expect to find.  In an industry rife with sex, drugs, and dancing, these girls have formed a unit that sticks together.  They’re like a family, living a life where dance is their greatest outlet, and entertainment their trade.


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Bunny (Rabbit in the Moon)

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Bunny is the most exciting performer in electronic music today, bringing his unique vision to the world. Whether performing as a DJ, MC, or with his full live show with original music and arrangements, Bunny's show is unique, stimulating and electric beyond compare.

Fans and critics alike have raved about Bunny’s unique shows in the past, and now the Bunny returns to Earth for a re-imagined experience with new energy, music, visuals; uniting his existing fans and welcoming new fans to gather under a new banner, launching a new era in electronic music entertainment.

The Bunny Live show can include the exotic Toxic Bunny dancers, pyrotechnics, cryo blasts, 3-D video, and Bunny's original costume and prop designs. 

Bunny has performed since 1992 as one of the original founding members of Rabbit in the Moon, mesmerizing countless raves and festivals across the globe.

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