Lady Shah

Written by Erik Anderson. Posted in Moderator

Lady Shah (USA)
As rare and beautiful flower there is, being born in Pakistan and becoming one of the top drum and bass DJs in America was always the plan for this talented artist.  Lady Shah is a 3D Productions Resident Drum and Bass DJ (Washington DC) who has been blowing up on the regional and national scene over the past couple of years.  Her ability to flawlessly transition between various forms of drum and bass, jungle and breaks has not only blown up the dance floor but has left fans craving for more.  It is regardless of where she plays.  Her smooth mixing style has garnered her a vast amount of attention and a huge following.  Whether she is killing it at home in the D.C area or traveling to places such as Baltimore, Philadelphia or Denver the result is more of the same.  Straight dance floor destruction with a beautiful and talented Selektah.  Point in case of her talent is easily made by the fact that she has been chased down to perform on international  Radio Shows such as, Dirtbox Radio, Audio Infusion Baltimore, RAWKUS Edm and Inbassive Radio Bogotá Columbia.  It can be easily summed up as an experience that you don't want to miss.  She brings soul, passion and energy to everything she does.  She will leave the crowds mouth watering, there bodies wrecked from dancing with a desire for more.  It is absolutely something you must experience for yourself. With her upcoming plunge into production the sky is the limit. 

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